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A quell'ora tarda restano talvolta ancora aperte alcune di quelle botteghe singolari e tanto attraenti di cui ci si dimentica nei giorni comuni. Io le chiamerei botteghe di cannella... 
[Bruno Schulz]


My workshop was founded in the 1940's by Pietro and Fine Pacini. They sold fabrics of different types: cotton, flannel, loom-made cloth for wedding trousseaux as well as heavier materials suitable for people working in the fields. Their son Sergio Pacini inherited the business. He involved his wife Irma, and acquired a small truck enabling him to drive around the countryside and reach farmers who had difficulty in coming to Radicondoli. 

When Sergio died, Irma became the main-stay of the workshop, while I, Giovanna, her daughter-in-law, was by her side. Irma gave me the courage to start a new life, to face a completely new environment and type of work and taught me everything I know. We still work together today, and she has supported me throughout the restoration and renovation of the workshop. This place represents the realization of my dreams, as well as a new departure point for other journeys.

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