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Radicondoli's streets

Carnival in Radicondoli

Radicondoli with snow


La vigilia di San Giovanni ardono i fuochi sulle rive dell'isola di Porto Rico. Durante la notte di San Giovanni fiorisono la pianta di fico, la menta e il bambù, e all'alba la gente va in cerca di questi talismani.
[Eduardo Galeano]


Piazza Matteotti, where my workshop is located, is the center of Radicondoli. Just beside the workshop, you can visit the Church of Saints Simone and Giuda where paintings of Casolani may be found. 

On cold winter afternoons, the women will often be in the workshop, to chat and take shelter from the cold. When the weather becomes milder, the Piazza fills with our children who run through the tiny side streets and the workshop often becomes the meeting place for the mothers.

The Piazza is also the stage for our festival, the Castagnata of St Simone, in October, the Carnival, and the Feast of San Giovanni in June. Above all is the Theater Festival “Estate a Radicondoli” which for 20 years through July and August has filled the streets with stage-plays, dance and music.

Radicondoli's landscape

If you want to find out more about Radicondoli, you can visit the site of the 
Associazione Pro Loco


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