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The most colourful novelties in the Bottega are the new wooden games for children, soft in form and in happy colours, all natural. There are small animals which accompany the children with games of skill, picture-holders, glasses, lamps, clocks, magnets, writing sets, kaleidoscopes and so many other small and objects for playing or for decoration.

These are crafts produced by Pianeta delle Idee.

wooden toys by Il Pianeta delle Idee


In Spring, nature surrounds and rejuvenates us with her perfumes. Why not put a touch of Nature on your skin, in your bath or in your hair? The Bottega is filled with the scent of the natural body perfume lines we sell. .

**Soap from the Nesti company comes from the finest craft tradition. There are three groups, flower extract, fruit and vegetables each with its own qualities and perfume.

**The line from Erbario Toscano consists of bath-foam, body-milk, oil, shampoo and conditioner, face cream, bath salts and soap-bars, and even candles, all from a solid base of olive oil. The bath-foam is available in plastic containers or in the traditional glass bottles which are recyclable.

Nesti's natural soap, with a touch of Tuscany smell

Erbario Toscano's body and hair products


The new Radicondoli T-shirts have arrived. This year, they are also available for children in different colours and the product line now includes bags of different types and hats. I hope to be able to carry a little bit of Radicondoli around the world!

Radicondoli's t-shirt, for children and not


Travel memoirs, holiday memories, diaries, letters: the pleasure of writing in the paper creations of the Rossi company of Borgo San Lorenzo, which has been producing high quality paper since 1930. In the Bottega, I have the “Provenzale” line, with floral decorations, “Toscana” with reproductions of original notes of Leonardo da Vinci, and “Firenze” with classic lilies.

paper products


In Spring the house is reborn, and the Bottega fills with new items: decorations, pieces of furniture, tablecloths, trousseaux, and pieces of craftwork. I try to create harmonies which are new every time but which are always linked to tradition, because the spring is an occasion to open up to different worlds while, at the same time, achieving a deeper understanding of oneself.



The beautiful season also opens doors for our children: in Radicondoli, the streets fill with their voices. And the Botttega is cloaked in their happiness.

for children

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